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Game Writer and Designer

Giving talk "Building a Bridge Between Design and Writing" at GDC: Online

I will be giving a talk entitled "Building a Bridge Between Design and Writing" at 9:30 am on Tuesday October 11th as part of GDC: Online's game narrative summit. I hope some of you can attend. Even if not, I will attempt to put up my slides after the presentation has been given. Watch this space for that.

Looking for Design Work (October 2011)

I have just recently completed a one year contract for Bioware Austin as a Contract World Building on Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am once again looking for work as a game designer preferably at my current location (Austin, TX) but I am willing to entertain offers from companies in other locations as well. Please follow the link to my Resume page for more info on my specific talents, experiences, and goals.

Hello! and Welcome.

My name is Blake Rebouche, and I am a professional game developer living in beautiful Austin, TX. Please follow the links above if you would like to learn a little about me or my work. I welcome you and I hope that you enjoy your stay here.


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